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    29 sept.

    Taking a picture and trying to capture your golden glow. Happy birthday ... you’re getting pretty old but I still love you. So grateful for our friendship

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    30 sept.

    Antlers, an M, and a “Volt” of lightning for my G HBD brotha . . . @ Silver Lake, Los Angeles

  3. I couldn’t post this 20+ years ago because there was no instagram and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to have a 40. birdythebarber

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  13. While you’re sitting up high on that bridge I’m flying over you

  14. Yesterday I was walking these vineyards with and today they received 4 stars from the San Francisco’s chronicle congratulations chefs

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  16. I’ve partnered with gris DAY ALL baño Short de Billabong BY6wq7n to share my story so I can inspire others quit smoking and become the best version of themselves. Visit to get inspired to start your quit journey

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    11 sept.

    Cooked up some beets in the kitchen with on this week’s episode of

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